There have been seven Heisman Trophies won by football players from Ohio State University (OSU). A sum of six players have won those seven prizes as Archie Griffin stays the lone school football player at any point to win more than one Heisman Trophy. Griffin won his two honors in 1974 and 1975 after his lesser and senior seasons.

The latest Heisman champ to emerge from Ohio State was quarterback Troy Smith. Smith won in December of, two or three weeks prior to losing 41-14 in the public title game to Tim Tebow of the University of Florida who a year after the fact would go onto become the primary sophomore to at any point win the honor.

The Ohio State Buckeyes Heisman Trophy victors are:

Les Horvath (1944): quarterback/halfback

Vic Janowicz (1950): halfback/punter

Howard Cassady (1955): halfback

Archie Griffin (1974 and 1975): running back

Eddie George (1995): running back

Troy Smith (2006): quarterback

Ohio State University is tied for the most Heisman Trophies alongside the University of Notre Dame and the University of Southern California (USC). After those three schools that each have seven prizes amazingly the following nearest is the University of Oklahoma with five and afterward there are four schools all attached with three each. Strangely Army, which won the desired honor in 1945, 1946, and 1958, is attached with more current noticeable projects like the University of Florida, University of Michigan, and the University of Nebraska – every one of the four of which have three. บอลสูงต่ํา เล่นยังไง

In certain regards the University of Notre Dame resembles the Army program of the pack at the top that are altogether attached with seven. Barring the Tim Brown win in 1987 Notre Dame just has one champ (John Huarte in 1964) in generally the most recent 55 years. Alternately USC has delivered almost 43% of its champs since the turn of the thousand years. Ohio State by examination has had a substantially more even stream of champs throughout the long term.

Albeit regularly condemned as being excessively political and comprehensive of just a little arrangement of football positions the Heisman Trophy is surely known to be the most desired individual honor in school football. The main honor was given to Jay Berwanger, a running back from the University of Chicago, in 1935. The actual honor is named after John Heisman who was an extremely persuasive figure in the early advancement of the school game prior to dying on October 3, 1936, three weeks before his 67th birthday celebration.

Winning the desired prize related with being the top school football major part in the country isn’t an assurance of future accomplishment at a higher level. There have been 75 Heisman Trophy champs and to date just eight of them have been enlisted into the football lobby of popularity with the latest being Barry Sanders who won the honor in 1988.

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