Where Do Mosquitoes Hide and Other Mosquito

Where Do Mosquitoes Hide and Other Mosquito


Where do mosquitoes hide in your yard when they are not biting you? Mosquitoes tend to rest during daylight hours, particularly on warm, dry days that can dehydrate them. They are most active in the early morning, dusk and early evening. The best time to control them is when they are at rest, because spraying them in flight   เที่ยวไหนดี

will do next to nothing to reduce their numbers. So where exactly can they be found, and what mosquito control systems are best?

Where Do Mosquitoes Hide?

When not active, all these deadly insects (that seem to eat you alive) have not gone back to some central place where mosquitoes live! They are right there in your yard or garden, waiting for conditions to get dull, humid and warm so they can fly out and feed off you again. If you knew where they were hiding, you could destroy them before they became active again. So where do mosquitoes hide?

They hide anywhere that is dark and moist. They hide in places such as behind or beneath downpipes, inside holes in walls and trees, beneath roof guttering, culverts, deep inside clumps of grass and other vegetation, on the underside of leaves (bushes, trees, plants) and anywhere else where they are out of the light.

You should carefully survey your yard and any structures near water or vegetation (your home, garage, sheds, etc) and try to identify where they might be hiding. Do this during the day when the sun is out, and you should be able to see them. Once you have identified their hiding places you will know where to tackle them. There are two effective ways of doing this:

Spray directly onto the resting insects to destroy them immediately, and

While they are in flight, spray directly onto the areas where the mosquitoes will rest. When they return they will come into contact with the insecticide that will destroy them and any unhatched larvae.

Both of these methods are used in mosquito misting systems. Mosquito misting is a very effective way of controlling the insects, and is often used in automated form to regularly provide an environment that is lethal to mosquitoes, while being biodegradable and approved by the EPA with ultra-low toxicity.

Where Do Mosquitoes Breed?

Before you mist, you must make sure that the mosquitoes you destroy will not be replaced by a fresh brood. That involves knowing where mosquitoes breed. They like water, particularly stagnant water that has been lying for at least a week. So where do mosquitoes breed in your yard? Survey the area around your home and note all the places where water can accumulate without being disturbed.

A neglected pond without fish is a prime breeding ground for most insects whose larvae develop in stagnant water. Pails, cans and old tires also hold water. If these are not emptied, then you can be sure the mosquitoes will find them. Even pools of water, bird baths, neglected fountains, roof guttering and wet areas around drains are favorite breeding places.

Mosquito eggs are laid in the water, and hatch into larvae. These larvae can be seen swimming jerkily about in the water and feed off algae and small organisms until they develop into pupae. The pupae lie still in the water, breathing through a pair of tubes at the surface. When ready, they crawl out of the water to dry out and finally take flight as adult mosquitoes.

Only the females suck your blood while the males live off nectar. That is because the females need the protein in blood to develop their eggs. They live only about 1-2 weeks normally, but in your yard with fewer predators and plenty food sources they can live to 8 weeks. Adult males live only several days after mating.


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