Times Are Tough in the Sign Company Industry – What Do We Do?

Times Are Tough in the Sign Company Industry – What Do We Do?



I know that times are tough, the economy is down and businesses and organizations are not ordering as many signs or print jobs.

But, it’s when a dollar is harder to come by that you have to be innovative and louisville sign

competitive enough to really stay at the forefront of your industry. The Legend 72 HUV’s Bottom Line The biggest selling point behind the Legend 72 HUV Wide Format UV Printer, the REAL bottom line, increases production and decreases costs.

In fact, it typically lowers printing cost by between 50 to 80% – imagine how that would boost your margins!

With the Legend 72, you can print directly on the material – meaning you don’t have to pay for the labor needed to affix your graphic to the sign or the over-lamination material.

You save on both man-hours and materials. Trickle Down Efficiency And while the Legend 72 is a major investment, there is a definite trickle down effect for your business. That increased production capacity means you can now cut personnel hours during leaner times or amp up production and take on more jobs with employees who can now do twice as much.

You can even transform your business – taking your basic print or vinyl sign shop and turning it into a full-service, hyper-competitive sign and print shop. Take on jobs that you had to turn down before or pitch even bigger projects.


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