Does Evolv Health Provide the Right Training For Evolv Independent Distributors?  

Does Evolv Health Provide the Right Training For Evolv Independent Distributors?  

If you are thinking of becoming an Evolv independent distributor, then you probably know that Trey White is aware of the advantages technology has in business. This is a very good sign for Evolv, because lets face it, in order to grow any business you need to be   evolve power  on the cutting edge of technology. You will notice that any business that is successful, stays on the cutting edge. When a new, more efficient way of doing business is available, smart companies will adopt them immediately.

Trey White seems to have a pretty good track record of business in the past. Although he has not been a part of the network marketing industry before, we can still assume that he has knowledge of business in general. Evolv clearly understands that marketing is key in a multi-level marketing company. They have actually hired an internet marketer to be head of their marketing. This is a very smart thing for Evolv to do because they were able to spot the trend of social media and capitalize on it.

Alright so you are probably thinking that just because they hired a veteran internet marketer that you are going to know how to run a successful business online. What you might not understand yet is that they are only going to show you how to promote their business. What you will learn will not help you brand yourself, or position yourself as a leader that people want to join.

I remember going to an Efusjon house party a while back, and when they told me they were working directly with Facebook I thought that was it. I thought I had just found the best company ever! Well it turns out that they created a little game that people could play, and in the process Efusjon would be promoted. This sounds dumb to me now, but I really thought that would bring people into my business. The moral of this story is to show you that Social Media is a hot topic, and these companies know this. They will promise the best training on internet marketing, when really you are given basic knowledge that they give every other distributor that joins.

In order for you to make any money you are going to have to brand yourself. If you are doing the same things as everyone else in Evolv, you are not going to be viewed as a leader. In order to truly learn to become a leader and dominate the internet you have to invest in yourself. You have to learn what the professional marketers are doing. “If you truly understand internet marketing, you will know that your company is nothing more than an income stream.” This is a huge point that I hope you understand, because once you become a marketer you can market anything. Your business will just be another product that you can market.

Overall Evolv is showing some good signs early on, they are at least aware of the power the internet holds.
Just remember that in order to make true money in this industry you have to learn to brand yourself as a leader so you are not just another Evolv independent distributor.


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