Cheerleading Uniforms – It’s About More Than the Skirt

Cheerleading Uniforms – It’s About More Than the Skirt


“It’s all about the skirt” is what we often hear when people talk about cheerleading. We laugh, knowing there is so much more to cheerleading than just the cheerleading uniform, but there really is some truth to the matter. Fashion two piece skirt set

is an issue. The skirt, or more accurately, the total cheer uniform is an important part of what makes a cheerleader sparkle and light up a crowd. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the options when it comes to choosing that perfect “cheerleading skirt” to help your squad dazzle the crowds at your next event.

First, let’s start with the less exciting, practical part. How much is this cheerleading uniform going to cost? As with any product, you can pretty much spend as much as you want on a cheerleading uniform. The key is to know what you are paying for. Shop around to compare prices, products, lettering and shipping costs. Companies offer package deals that include the cheer shell and skirt, but be sure you look to see how much the lettering will cost as this figure is often not included in the package price. Basic prices seem to range from $30 to $100 with lettering running around $10-20 per uniform depending on whether you go with a one, two or three color design. Look for quantity discounts and consider these when you decide how many uniforms you will order. A late addition to the squad could cost you a bundle if you need to order a single uniform later. And don’t forget the accessories. If you make extras, such as briefs, socks, poms, nylon half or full tops, part of your uniform, be sure to add their cost to the bottom line when you consider your uniform budget.

Some other practical concerns are uniform comfort and fit. You want to wear a uniform that feels good, is appropriate for the sport/season, and allows you the full range of movement you need to do those cheers, stunts and moves that set your squad apart from the competition. Most uniforms are made of polyester and spandex that allows for some stretch in the fabric, but there are also 50/50 cotton/polyester blends available and more expensive moisture wicking fabrics that are lighter and cooler. Check whether the fabric is washable or not so you are aware of the additional work and cost if you choose a “dry clean only” fabric. As to the uniform fit, most companies do not want you to order stock sizes, but rather to give them measurements. With form fitting shells and various skirt lengths, honesty is more important than modesty, so make sure you get accurate measurements from your squad members so the uniforms fit right and your squad looks sharp.

Finally, we get to the good stuff. Choosing the right uniform is about getting the right “look” and here you have a lot of choices. Uniform companies offer a wide variety of styles and features from the traditional to the hip to the modern. With tops/shells you can choose from crops to jumpers with or without long-sleeve full-length or crop-length tops. And then you need to choose V-neck, sweetheart neck or round neck all with or without braid options. In regard to bottoms, you have the classic A-line, modified A-line, low rise and twister skirt styles in addition to a wide range of pleated options including box, eight, knife, three or twelve pleat style. You also have short, skort and pants options available to match your shell choice. Make a choice that suits the tastes of your squad members, is suitable for your cheer purpose, complies with your school/organization dress code and colors and brings your squad to life!

So, choosing a cheerleading skirt, like cheerleading itself, is about way more than “just the skirt.” Be sure to consider all your options as you search for that perfect uniform, the one that will make your squad feel good and look great!



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