A Brief Overview of Twitter Traffic Machine   

A Brief Overview of Twitter Traffic Machine


Twitter is a free online social networking site that allows registered users to connect with friends and family as well as dating, networking with workmates, fans and clients for a company  download twitter videos

or individual services and even making new online friends from all over the world. Basically for a user to register on twitter they have to create a profile and they will be able to chose whether to make some or all of their profile categories visible to selected users in a particular network. In doing so they will be able to share things like photos, audio songs, videos and other images.

All this is achieved through a networked platform that allows connected users to post ‘tweets’ and at the same time view and read other user’s ‘tweets’. Users can also view or download friends’ photos, play or download music and other files. Twitter therefore is a site that connects or can easily bring together people of different backgrounds but with common shared interests. These range from a mere product to religion, political beliefs and ideologies, music interests and the like. In turn, such easy cohesion of people, irrespective of geography, with a common interest has created a huge marketing niche for companies, products and individuals offering various services as they will use this shared interests networks to drive as many users as possible to links of product websites or ecommerce sites. In that regard the twitter traffic machine just comes in as a handy tool.

The twitter traffic machine is an automated tool that helps clients gather as many customers as possible to their website. This is achieved by adding as many twitter registered users as possible using a keyword monitoring technique. The twitter traffic machine is designed in a way to track how certain keywords are used on the twitter site. It will then craft near perfect twitter conversations thus drawing many users to your website.

Basically being an automated tool, the twitter traffic machine saves its clients the burden of having to manually go through hundreds of user profiles and then adding them to your network or making them your followers in order to market your product or service. The beauty of it is that it will only target users that are interested or may have something to do with a particular niche and as such, clients will be able to achieve maximum advertising advantage since most users who will be directed to a product’s website will have some interest. According to its designer, Bill Crossby, the tool is easy to set up and can be used by just about anyone. It comes with a set of videos to help clients who may have purchased it. The videos will show clients how the program is set up and how to get it running. According to the designer, once up and running, clients will not have to do anything since all other processes are automated.


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